Stress Relief 15ml 0.5fl oz

The Stress Relief oil blend uses a powerful blend of soothing Neroli and uplifting Bergamot essential oils to provide stabilizing effects on emotions. Inhaling essential oils is considered the quickest way to get the oils working for the body. So, inhale the calm.

How to Use:

Diffusing essential oils in any room of your home, office or car, improves air quality, offers aromatherapy wellness and amazing therapeutic benefits. Healthy vapours infuse the air, and trap bacteria in the water molecule, carrying them to the ground, where there is less chance of breathing them in and in a much handier location to clean or mop up! 

Just a few drops in your diffuser to reduce stress, anxiety and frustrations, breathe deeply and exhale.

Try our Stress Relief Roll-On and Wash & Bubble too!


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    Stress Relief 15ml 0.5fl oz