Konjac Face Sponges
Konjac Face Sponges

Konjac Face Sponges

100% natural, made from the Japanese Konjac plant, these face sponges get super soft when wet and make perfect addition to any face care, skin care routine.


Get damp with warm water, lather with your regular face wash (or without), then gently wash face in circular motions for gentle exfoliation.

Be sure to rinse after use and hang to dry to prolong the life of your sponge. They last around 2-3 months, then just toss into your green waste or compost bin!

Lavender- all skin types

Citrus-Combination/Oily skin

White Kaolin Clay - Sensitive/Dry Skin

Charcoal - Acne prone skin

Yam Extract - Mature skin

Green tea extract - all skin types

    Konjac Face Sponges