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Chamomile Roman Essential Oil
100% Pure Roman Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

Use as a treatment for fevers, colds, stomach ailments & as an anti-inflammatory.

Part Number:350-0656
English or Roman chamomile, a perennial native to Western Europe, northwards to Northern Ireland, is a low-growing herb with a creeping rhizome reaching a foot in height. The flower heads are about an inch across and sparse compared with German chamomile (a.k.a. chamomile blue) - a solitary head sits atop each flower stalk. As a popular remedy, it may be thought of as the European counterpart of ginseng. It has been used for centuries in teas as a mild, relaxing sleep aid, treatment for fevers, colds, stomach ailments, and as an anti-inflammatory, to name only a few therapeutic uses.

Country of Origin:
Latin Name:
anthernis nobilis
Part of plant used:
Flowering tops
Extraction method:
Steam Distilled
Pungent, earthy, herbaceous

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