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Essential Oil Immunity Booster Recipe

Posted by Escents on 1/31/2010 to Wellness
Help keep colds and flu at bay with this natural immunity booster recipe using essential oils submitted by Michelle from Escents Commercial Drive.

Natural Essential Oil Anxiety Relief Recipe

Posted by Escents on 1/30/2010 to Wellness
Dealing with post-holiday stress? This natural essential oil anxiety relief recipe submitted by Michelle from Escents Commercial Drive may be just want you need to soothe your soul.

Essential Oil Yoga Mat Sanitizer Recipe

Posted by Escents on 1/29/2010 to Wellness
A wonderful essential oil yoga mat spray recipe submitted by Alina from Escents Coquitlam.

Essential Oil Recipe for a Natural Carpet Deodorizer

Posted by Escents on 1/29/2010 to Wellness
An easy, do-it-yourself recipe for making a natural carpet deodorizer using essential oils, submitted by Chelsea from Escents Coquitlam.

How to Buy Essential Oils

Posted by Escents on 1/23/2010 to Aromatherapy 101
Make sure you're getting the right kind and quality of essential oils for therapeutic use with this list of tips on buying essential oils.

Aromatherapy's Essential Oils "Kill Superbug"

Posted by Escents on 1/22/2010 to News
According to a study conducted at the University of Manchester, 3 essential oils were found to destroy E. coli and MRSA in 2 minutes.

Detoxifying Essential Oil Bath Recipe

Posted by Escents on 1/20/2010 to Wellness
Give yourself a detoxifying bath with this essential oil recipe submitted by Vida from Escents Coquitlam!

Natural Essential Oil Acne Treatment Recipe

Posted by Escents on 1/19/2010 to Aromatherapy 101
A wonderful natural essential oil acne treatment recipe, submitted by Michelle from Escents on Commercial Drive, that can be used for spot treatments or as a mask.

Aloe Vera Myth or Medicine?

Posted by Escents on 1/18/2010 to Wellness
Learn more about the healing properties of aloe vera, an ingredient in a number of Escents products.

3 Uses for Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Posted by Escents on 1/13/2010 to Aromatherapy 101
Organic Lavender is incredibly versatile as an essential oil, but here are 3 convenient, commonly known uses you can try.

New Year's Promotion at Escents Spa

Posted by Escents on 1/8/2010 to Promotions
New promotion to celebrate the New Year at our Escents Spa on Commercial Drive. Check it out!

Dr. Oz Discusses the Usefulness of Essential Oils

Posted by Escents on 1/7/2010 to News
Dr. Oz (from the Dr. Oz Show) highlights some of ways essential oils can be useful for health and wellness.

Introducing Escents' Lotus Collection!

Posted by Escents on 1/6/2010 to Promotions
Escents' latest Signature Collection is here, featuring our Lotus Essential Oil Blend!

What's Growing for Escents in 2010

Posted by Jacqui MacNeill on 1/5/2010 to Culture
A look at what's in store for Escents in 2010.

Soothe Baby Wash Featured in Dooce Gift Guide

Posted by Escents on 1/4/2010 to News
A note of thanks to for featuring our Soothe Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash.