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What We Love at Escents – Part 2

Posted by Escents on 2/6/2011 to Culture

As a special Valentine's Day series, we are asking our staff to tell us what they love in their lives so you can get to know your Escents Aromatherapy team a little better, and be inspired to think of what's on your own list.

I love making dumplings with my family members. We love eating dumplings, especially during Chinese New Year Eve. All family members will join the work. We sometimes hide a coin in one of the dumplings. Whoever finds the coin will likely have a good fortune in the New Year.
-Windy, Richmond Center

My ultimate thing I love the most is when I was living in the Bahamas, we would round up a couple of people on a Sunday to go boating. We would buy a bucket of KFC and some drinks, and we would all go on the boat to another island, and sit there on the pink sand beach in the sun, and have a blast with friends! All during the day more and more people will arrive on their boats, and we have a proper beach party!
-Nina, Park Royal

I love curling up on my cozy couch with my roommate’s cuddly cat, a Terry Pratchett novel, and a cup of oolong tea. In the summer time, I love wandering around in Beacon Hill park just after the sun goes down and enjoying the lingering warmth in the grass.
-Eve, Victoria

I love my power walks on Iona’s beach jetty in Richmond. I love being out in the open air with the beautiful mountains, water and wildlife surrounding me!

-Leigh, Richmond Center

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