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What We Love at Escents - Part 3

Posted by Jacqui MacNeill on 2/9/2010 to Culture

 As a special Valentine's Day series, we are asking our staff to tell us what they love in their lives so you can get to know your Escents Aromatherapy team a little better, and be inspired to think of what's on your own list.

 I love Saturday morning cartoons cuddled up on the couch with my kids enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee!!!!
-Jessica, Head Office

Jessica's cuddly little ones, Julia and Cameron

I love pajama days!  Lazy moments…Tea.  Journal.  Movies.  Book.  Cozy couch.  Chats with friends.  And best of all…house coat and pj’s  ALL day!

-Sarah, Willowbrook Mall

I love quiet bus rides on a sunny afternoon.  Nothing can compare to the peace I get from looking up at the light blue skies.  If it’s not too cold, I open the windows a bit to let the wind make my dance in the air as I cruise along the highway.

– Hope, Richmond Centre

I Love to paint, I get out my energy with my brush strokes whether I am stressed, angry, happy, or sad I find it the most useful therapy. I love to sit down with different music on (depending on my mood) and paint for hours.

-Katrina, Coquitlam Centre

An orignal painting by Katrina

I love going to Deep Cove in North Vancouver. It is very relaxing there, the air is different and the mountain view is beautiful. My first stop is Honey’s for a donut, followed by a walk on the dock and then a little hike through the forest. Last stop is a grassy field to sit and stare at the clouds for hours.

- Kirstin, Broadway/ Commercial

Kirstin, relaxing outside

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