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Tales from Turkey

Posted by Jacqui MacNeill on 5/27/2011 to Culture

As you may know, Jacqui and some of our staff have joined a group of 30 from our stores in Taiwan in Turkey.  Over the next week and a half, they are visiting some rose producers and farms, and will learn about its history at the same time.

Antalya, Turkey

Jacqui reports that the first leg of their flight was delayed in Calgary, and that's also where their luggage went missing!  It was a stressful day as they waited for the much-delayed flight to leave.  A nine-hour trip soon turned into 22, and we are happy to report that they are on the ground in Istanbul  and have been reunited with their luggage!

Through the weekend, Jacqui end crew will be traveling to Cappadocia in Central Turkey, as well as Derinkuyu, Konya, and Isparta.  As they are traveling through the highlands, they will be in weather much nicer weather than we are experiencing her in Vancouver; highs of about 24 degrees and lows of about 8.

This portion of the trip included a hot air balloon ride, so we will post photos of that when we have them.

Jacqui is dutifully carrying her mobile and will be tweeting and posting to Facebook throughout her trip (wifi permitting) - if you don't already, follow her on twitter as @jacqui_macneill or @escents.  You can find our Facebook page here.

We are celebrating the end of Red Rose promotion this weekend - there's still a chance to stock up on your favorites and receive FREE gifts from this new, luxurious collection.  Be quick, it ends on Monday.  We also have a special deal for web customers only, and that is if you spend $50 between now and Sunday night (at midnight), you get $10 off your order.  It's a bit cold and rainy in Vancouver, and since you can't fly off to where it's warm in Turkey, it might be fun to do some shopping instead!

Have a great weekend and stay tuned next week for more of Jacqui's tales from the road!

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