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Razor Burn

Aftershave Essential Oils for Razor Burn

Razor burn is a minor irritation caused by shaving that can be easily treated with essential oil remedies. Essential oil remedies can be effective for both men and women, whether it's on the face or legs. Some of the best oils for healing and cooling razor burn include: lavender, spearmint, lemon, sandalwood, and tea tree.

Preventing Razor Burn through Exfoliation

Many people don't realize this, but if you exfoliating your skin helps prevent razor burn. The best way to do this is to use a facial/body scrub or loofah. We recommend our Thera-Skin Ultimate Exfoliating Scrub for the face and any of our sea salt body scrubs for the body.

Stay Sharp but Go Light

Always use sharp blades when shaving. A dull blade is one of the most common causes of razor burn. To help preserve your blades, dip your razor in alcohol after the final rinse. Rinse your blade often using cool water to remove residue. 

Moisturize with an Essential Oil Aftershave Balm

Moisturize using a good aftershave balm or lotion to keep the skin soft. We recommend our Aftershave Essential Oil recipe with essential oils of  lavenderspearmint, and lemon in a base of soothing comfrey gel. Or you can try creating your own recipe using any of the essential oils listed above. See our home blending guide for help.

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Comfrey Gel


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Lavender Salt Body Scrub

With 100% Pure Lavender Oil

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Unscented Salt Body Scrub


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Spearmint Essential Oil

A facial steam with spearmint oil helps cleanse and tighten pores.

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