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Escents Mother Love - Part 2

Posted by Escents on 5/5/2011 to Culture

Last week, we introduced a small series of posts about our Moms.  We've enjoyed sharing these stories about the women in our lives and hearing about yours.  Here is our second installment of Mom Love:

Lisa (Willowbrook):

I love my Mom.  She is an incredible woman.  We all love our moms, where would we be without them? I moved to Vancouver about 5 years ago and left my Mom with my brother and my Dad.  I thought once I moved I would have a different relationship and not speak as often, or be as close.  After the move, I found an apartment, and I was SO excited to move in and have my own place at 19.  Right before I moved in, I lost my job and had less money and was not able to afford even simple things for myself such as plates, utensils and bed linens.  I called my Mom one night, sobbing and upset because I felt so along, and literally had no support here.  The next thing I knew, my Mom was booking a flight and on her way to me within days.

She came to stay with me for 3 days and helped me to get everything I needed for my new home. We spent every possible minute together as I had not seen her for about a year. We had a ladies night out, and went shopping, and she helped me get my finances figured out. I will never forget how my Mom made me feel comforted and that she would always be there for me, even though we live across the country from each other. She is an incredible person and I will never forget the time we have spent together. Without her, I truly feel I would have fallen apart and not have made my way in this beautiful city.

Lisa and her Mom, shortly after her move to Vancouver

Windy (Richmond):

I love my mom. She is the most important person in my life. She is loving and caring, and she is very open-minded to everything. She is my best friend, my support and my strength. Although she is in China, I talk to her on the phone everyday. I miss her so much- I can’t wait to see her!

For Mother's Day, the Escents gifts I would like to give her are Aromatherapy Bath Bombs and various Theraskin products.  I am sure that she will like them all.

Windy and her Mom

Christy (Head Office):

I was partially raised by my Grandmother.  She was an amazing person; she had endless patience and kindness with everyone that she came into contact with.

She told me stories at night, taught me how to play cards, played make-believe with me, and was there with support whenever it was needed.  Her never-ending love shaped me into the person I am today.  Even though she has now passed on, I will carry a part of her with me my whole life.  I love you, Nana!

We'd love to hear about your Mom - please join our conversation and leave your praise for the woman who shaped your life in our comments so we can recognize her, too.

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