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How to Enter Escents Aromatherapy’s Pinterest Contest

Posted by Megan on 8/7/2013 to Community

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, "re-pin" images to their own pinboards, or "like" photos. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. It is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and investors.  

If you do not have a Pinterest Account, but wish to enter the contest, follow these instructions below:
1.Go to Pinterest and click sign up for account. Here’s how:
2.Go to and click Join Pinterest. 
3.Choose how you'll sign up: using Facebook, Twitter or your email address. 
4.Enter the username, email address and password you'll use for Pinterest. Just a note: 
  a.Pick a username that is 3-15 characters long. You can add numbers to your username, but not spaces, symbols or punctuation. 
  b.Create a strong password even if you sign up with Facebook or Twitter. You can always log in with that password and your email address. 
5.After you've filled out your info, click Create Account.  
(Pinterest, 2013)

6. Follow us by typing Escents Aromatherapy in the search an hit enter, then choose Pinners as the search option and click Follow. Voila! You are now following us!

7. Now that you are logged in, click on the box that says, “Create a Board”.
8. Type "Escents Lavender" in the title.
9. Add a description and choose a category. Click Create Board.
10. Keep the board selected as not secret.
11. Search for images that represent Lavender by using the top left search bar.
12. Once you find the pictures you like, hover over it until you see the Pin It Button.
13. Select the Pin It Button and pick board Escents Lavender
14. In the description, enter the hashtag #lovelylavender.
15. Go back to your boards, by clicking on your name on the top right and click on the option Your Boards.
16. Select your board and copy top url from the address bar and send it to

Good luck!

Lovely Lavender-Pin it to Win it!

Posted by Megan on 7/29/2013 to Promotions

This month, in celebration of our Annual Lavender Event, Escents is holding a “Pin it to Win it”  contest on Pinterest—dedicated to all things Lavender! Lavender is one of our go-to Essential Oils at Escents Aromatherapy, because it’s considered one of the most versatile! We love it and we want you to show us how much you love it too! The winner will be awarded a $150 shopping spree to use in-store or online! Here’s how to enter:

1.Follow Escents Aromatherapy on Pinterest
2.Create a Lavender Board called, “Escents Lavender”
3.Pin at least one pin which represent lavender with the hashtag  #lovelylavender—be creative as possible with your board!
4.Send the URL to 
5. Let us know your country!

So get pinning and show us how much you love Lavender too! Contest deadline is August 30th 2013 at midnight. Be sure to carefully read through the terms and conditions. Good luck and happy pinning! Read full contest details here

Earth Day-Plant a Seed of Change!

Posted by Megan on 4/18/2013 to Community

In celebration of Earth, Month Escents has decided to do something a little different this year. We are calling upon our customers to roll up their sleeves, get into their gardens and “Plant a Seed of Change”.  For a limited time, we will be offering a variety of gardening goodies which bloom into beautiful wildflowers after they are planted—Seed Bombs, Matchstick Gardens and Plantable Postcards. 100% of the profit from these products will be donated to the Mtito Andei Community Project which aims to educate orphans and provides access to clean reliable water for the community of Mtito Andei, Kenya. 

These cute little bombs are jam packed with seeds which when planted, sprout into a gorgeous wildflowers! You can plant them in a pot or garden or join the Gorilla Gardening revolution and use them to spruce up the not-so-pretty urban areas in your neighborhood.
Each matchbook contains 20 plantable matchsticks and is great if you want to spread your flowers around. It’s super easy to plant, simply tear off a match and plant it in a pot or garden!

Mail your friends and family an extra special note on these plantable cards—simply write, stamp and send.  Plant the whole thing in a pot or garden or break a piece off to make smaller gardens. Makes a great addition to any gift. 

These products are available at all Escents Aromatherapy retail stores while supplies last. They make great little gifts that not only support the green movement but also give back to a community in need. To learn more about the Mtito Andei Community Project, watch this video. 

Gardening Tips

Posted by Shay Sinclair on 3/26/2013 to Promotions

In the middle of a bleak Vancouver winter, when it’s been raining steadily for two weeks with no end in sight, it can be hard to find any joy in the city’s soggy climate. Even though the evergreens – beneficiaries of all the rain – are beautiful, they’re only flashes of green in a flat grey landscape. When the seasons start to turn and flowers begin to appear (a cluster of bright purple crocuses, or budding daffodils waiting for a sunny day to bloom) there’s an old sense of relief; we’ve made it through another winter after all. Spring is on its way, and there will be flowers and sunlight.
With a little work, it’s easy to create a blooming, bustling flower garden of your own. Whether in planters on a windowsill or balcony, or spread out through your front yard, everybody can take part in adding some colour to the city.

The first step is to decide on a location. An ideal spot receives at least a few hours of direct sunlight daily, in order to make the most of Vancouver’s sometimes sporadic sunny days. If you don’t have a spot like this on your property, consider shade-loving plants or using planters that can be moved into sunnier areas as needed. For apartment dwellers with small balconies, hanging baskets don’t take up any space and can avoid the shade thrown by railings. 

Different plants require different amounts of space, but a good rule is one plant per 3-4 inches in a container (giving you 3 or 4 plants in a 12 inch pot). If you only have a little space to work with, try trailing flowers (like the fuchsia) which will spill over the sides of the pot. Spacing in open gardens can be more complicated, but it’s always wise to give your plants plenty of room to grow. 

If you’re new to gardening, starting with developed plants rather than bulbs is the easiest route. Avoid over-grown, straggly plants, particularly ones which seem too large for their container, as these may be root-bound and hard to transplant. Instead, look for evenly coloured leaves (yellow and black spots can indicate an unhealthy plant), soil that hasn’t drawn away from the sides of the container, and unopened flower buds. 

Although most plants come with plastic markers outlining the plant’s needs, talking to staff at the garden center can help you decide which flowers will thrive in your chosen location, and what plants will need space to grow. They will also be able to help you in finding the right soil or fertilizer to give your new garden a head start.

Try to transplant your flowers on a mild day, as heat and rain can both make the task more difficult. Water the containers lightly, and leave them to drain for an hour or two before getting down to work. To plant pots, fill them approximately half-way with soil, then remove your plants from their containers and arrange them in their new home. Carefully fill the remaining spaces with soil; the goal is a flat finished surface. For an open garden, dig a wider hole than you think you need, and avoid ‘burying’ your plant by packing soil around its stem. 
If your new plants look root-bound (a thick web of roots holding the shape of the container it was in), gently slash an X into the roots with a sharp knife before transplanting them. 
Congratulations! You now have a flower garden of your own. Most flowers are forgiving to grow in such a mild climate, requiring only occasional fertilizing and watering once or twice a week during dry, hot spells. Watch out for over-watering, as well as pests such as aphids and slugs, and pinch off wilting flowers to encourage new growth. 

Let us know some of your  tips and tricks! We want to hear from you.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by Megan on 2/7/2013 to Community

Most North Americans know us as the West Coast aromatherapy company in Vancouver.  Did you know that Escents is one of the leading natural wellness and home fragrance brands in Taiwan, with a whopping 34 stores? And because of Taiwan’s close ties with China, it is customary for them to celebrate Chinese New Year!

This Chinese New Year is the year of the Snake, which is symbolic of progress, focus, discipline and attention to detail. The snake is the 6th sign on the Chinese Zodiac, which contains 12 animal signs. Interestingly, the Chinese believe that finding/keeping a snake in your house is a good omen that will keep your family protected from hunger.   This year, celebrate Chinese New Year, with a FREE Red Rose Hand Repair when you spend $50 from within the Passionate line instore (offer varies online).