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Big Celebrations at Escents for 2011!

Posted by Jacqui MacNeill on 1/7/2011 to From Jacqui's Desk

Happy January 7, 2011! We are very excited to move into our 20th year of business. It seems like so long ago when Escents Aromatherapy began with the homemade soaps and bath products made with natural ingredients and scented with pure essential oils and natural botanicals. This year is also our 10th year anniversary in Taiwan. Our partners there have done a great job in expanding the marketplace and building the Escents Brand. Now with over 32 stores, Escents is now the leading natural bath and body care company in the Taiwan marketplace.

Another piece of great news; Escents will be opening its new concept store on Main Street in 2011.  This is especially exciting because I love this funky local flare area. It is such a reflection of the “personality” of Vancouver with old antique stores, great restaurants and ethnic diversity. Main Street shopping carries some of the trendiest, coolest boutique shops in British Columbia. These gems are the stores to go to when malls and chain stores become boring.

I am proud of our “little” company. For over 20 years, we have successfully distributed a high quality range of products through independent and group pharmacies, garden centres and department stores in the US and Canada.  Now with over 140 independent retailers carrying a limited selection of our products, we have been able to reach more customers and build our presence and brand.

In addition to these successes, we are still working with Continental Airlines and are their sole amenity provider to their BusinessFirst passengers and have now been advised that another major Airline will be carrying our amenity products in their First Class cabins (we'll tell you soon what this mystery airline is…).

In 2010, we also continued to building our social media fan base. We are now announcing all of our promotions, new product information and company news through our blogFacebook, and Twitter.

The launch of our new Thera-Skin product line was one of my personal highlights for 2010. It is the largest line we have ever brought into our stores all at once. With over 28 skin care solutions, Thera-Skin formulas are able to reduce “chronic” inflammation, which is the leading cause of aging. They do this by working on specific skin types in order to provide each one with the formula it needs to thrive and heal, also allowing the aging process to “rest” and diminish. The results of our Thera-Skin line have been amazing; our customers are coming back and are trying other products in the line.

With so many other great product launches, it's hard to summarize them all. I'm looking forward to a great 20th year!!  We're excited about our 20th anniversary and plan to make 2011 our most successful ever, while still keeping our “small company charm.” We'll never lose the focus on the development of new products for our traditional Escents Aromatherapy offerings, as we strive for continued growth.

Cheers to you all,
Jacqui MacNeill

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