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Behold, Bright Blossom Essential Oil Blend

Posted by Admin on 8/15/2011 to Products
We invite you to try our exclusive collection for the bath, body, and home.
Be transported to a wild flower garden.  An rquisute combination of Palmarosa and Lemon undercut by peppery basil and sweet pea create an aromatic blend that is reminiscent of lazy spring days.  Feel pampered with every day with this floral, zesty combination.  It's a great aroma from morning to night; sophisticated and alluring for the evening, yet clean, fresh and perfect during the day. 
Its origins
We wanted to create a blend that was green and light, but with a hint of floral.  Inspired by the delicate wild flower fields of Northern Canada, the idea was to represent the beauty and elegance of florals without being too heady.  We wanted to keep it light.  The result was a surprising, sensuous, yet fresh bouquet.
Phalate and DPG free.  Made using essential oils and natural botanicals, we recommend this aroma for the body or for home scenting.  Like all of our combinations, we believe that scent is the essence of life, to be worn and experienced and treasured.


Date 8/28/2011 9:26:36 AM
Samantha T - Coquitlam
Bright Blossom is a beautiful light, fresh, floral scent. Perfect for Summer!
Date 9/8/2011 6:48:40 PM
Alana M
With the school year starting up again we are forced to say goodbye to lazy mornings and relaxing afternoons, feeling sleep deprived as a result of work and early mornings can easily be cured with a hot shower using Bright Blossom body wash! This fresh scent leaves you feeling energetic and you'll find as you jet off to work or school a few summer notes lingering on your skin.

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